Amazing Superteam

Some might think that comics with stick figures must be one dimensional in terms of the art, writing and stories. After all, all of it must match the art, right? The backgrounds need to be empty of detail and everything must be kept simple simple simple. That’s just what you’d expect from a stick figure comic.

Not always. Haven’t we all seen lavishly drafted comics with no real story to hold them together? Aren’t they a bit disappointing? Isn’t this a lot of questions? (That last one was just to see if you’re paying attention.)

My first impression of Amazing Superteam is Lego Star Wars meets Challenge of the Superfriends. It’s pretty rockin’. The humor and basic storylines do match the art and the writing is very clever. They have the kinds of conversations and do the kinds of things that comic fans crack jokes about. I found it hilarious. Of course, I’m not sure I would follow it from week to week and enjoy it as much because I like some bigger chunks of story development in each update. For me, Superteam is a good comic to check back in on every few weeks.

If you’re a comic lover like I am, you can see all the cast on the characters page and they are obviously knock offs on some well known superheroes. Specifically, I think they are well done knock offs.

If you fancy yourself an artist, go ahead and draw a few popular superheroes from DC or Marvel as stick figures. Okay, you probably have some guys with capes but after you do more than a few of them they all begin to look the same. Now try to draw Aquaman or Lex Luthor and then compare yours to the Superteam version. Not as easy as it might seem to make them each unique and recognizable, is it? The point is that even though it looks simple, drawing fun stick figure characters isn’t easy. Give the stick figures some props.

That said, Amazing Superteam is full of cliche hero plots and it is meant to be that way. You will not find stories that are groundbreaking works full of emotion. This comic is a witty parody of all those fun things we enjoy about superhero comics. The storytelling style and the art go hand in hand, complementing each other nicely. What gives it a zing is the subtle twinges in the writing and the snappy dialog.

This is one of the best stick figure and superhero parody comics available, so it gets five stars as an excellent example of its kind(s) of comic. Rating: ★★★★★

by Bongotezz
review by Delos
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