To end November

The comic under scrutiny is Edenworld Saga and we’d like to hear what you think, too.

Moderator’s note:

I will also take this opportunity to announce that I am resigning my position as Moderator here at Comic Fencing effective after this comic’s reviews. It’s been fun but due to my ever changing personal schedule, I really have not been able to give this site the support I’ve wanted to and that it deserves. Even creating my own comic has fallen by the side and that’s something I want to make the time to get back to. It’s a good time to hand the reins over see what a new Moderator can do.

Finally, I’d like to thank each of you who have visited this site. I appreciate the encouragement and kind words we’ve received from you, along with the great suggestions for comics to review. I wish the new Moderator well and I will remain an avid reader of and commenter on the reviews posted here.

Best regards,


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6 Responses to “To end November”

  1. David Gallaher Says:

    Sorry to see you go, Delos

  2. Talekyn Says:

    Delos has done an amazing job of moderating since this experiment started. He deserves an incredible amount of credit for managing multiple reviewers with diverse personalities and needs (like me, the guy who still can’t capably post his own reviews without messing some link up). As reviewers come and go, I think it will be Delos’ sure hand at the wheel that will be missed the most.

    Can’t wait to read your comic, though, Delos!

  3. Delos Says:

    This has been really fun and I’ve met some great folks (like you two.) I appreciate all the support that we’ve gotten from points far and wide. All the reviewers (including you Anthony) have been fun to work with and always very helpful.

    I also believe the mutli-reviewer concept has great merit. I’d like to see what a moderator (and review staff) with more available time could accomplish.

  4. El Santo Says:

    Oh Captain, my Captain!

    Thanks for your hard work on this site, Delos. I’d buy you a pint if I could.

  5. Crackwalker Says:

    I’ve only been here a short time, but I was impressed with Delos right away. Steady handed and even tempered. Good luck in your future endeavors.

  6. Delos Says:

    Thank you very much. You guys (and gal) have all been great to work with.

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