Tights, Flights and Fights

One of the things I think can consistently be said about the webcomics world (as well as television, movie, novel, short story, print comics … well, you get the point) is that it is hard to be stunningly original. A particular art-style breaks ground and suddenly every new comic features that style; amongst writers dark-and-gritty becomes de riguer until noble and heroic takes over; a new fantasy series takes the world by storm and suddenly every protagonist is a teen wizard, or a vampire, or both.

Sometimes, it’s okay to be a part of the pack, put your own personal spin on a set of characters or a setting, and just plug away contentedly. Be consistent enough, and you build a fan base. I think that’s what Bongoteez does with Superteam, hosted on the Drunk Duck web comics network.

The art is nice and simple: essentially stick-figures with capes. Just enough detail to tell one from another. For a parody strip about super-heroes, the simplicity works.

The jokes are mostly retreads – nothing incredibly original here. Early on, we get a standard Aquaman joke (anyone ever notice that Marvel also has a water-based King of Altantis character, but whenever a joke about a lame aquatic hero is needed, it’s the more recognizable DC character who gets the nod?). In the second storyline, after the introduction of the sidekicks, we get a standard joke about why kid sidekicks actually matter to adult heroes.

I didn’t find myself laughing out loud, but as an avowed super-team fan of long standing (I’ve been part of the Super-Team Amateur Press Alliance aka STAPA, for over twenty years now), I did find myself chuckling and nodding my head at having written stories like the ones presented here.

I’m giving Superteam 3.5 stars. It’s steady, reliable, consistent … nothing amazing but certainly not horrible. Rating: ★★★½☆

Bongoteez’ Amazing Superteam
Reviewed by Anthony R. Cardno
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  1. Bongotezz Says:

    thank you for taking the time to read my comic and write this review.


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