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Zuda Comics Review by Jack Carter

Posted on May 23rd, 2008 by Moderator in Jack, comics, four stars, three stars

Zuda Jack here, with another review session for all who want another webcomic lover and creators opinion. This week we’re taking a look at some Zuda competitors to see which is worthy of becoming an ongoing series, at least in our eyes. The first thing I should say is we’re not here to critique Zuda and their awkwardly and slow loading interface, but I just thought I would mention that. Anyway, we have two comics with eight pages each up so far to offer our illustrious opinions of Action, Ohio and Hannibal Goes To Rome. Onward!


Zuda Competition Comics Review by Anthony Cardno

Posted on May 23rd, 2008 by Moderator in Anthony, comics, three stars

Action, OhioACTION, OHIO is off to a nice, solid start. I like the Silver-Age look to the art; Paul Salvi seems to be working together the cleaner aspects of the DC look at the time with the flow of the classic newspaper strips of that time and earlier (I’m thinking Steve Canyon, Terry and the Pirates, the Phantom, etc). There’s nothing startlingly original about the page layouts at this stage of the game, but I like what I see. Writer Neil Kleid has a nice high concept — secret city of super-humans spawned during and after World War Two – and seems to be headed in a nice direction with it (only one person outside of town knows the town exists, until something happens to inform the world). I’d like to see where this goes. Rating: ★★★☆☆

Hannibal Goes To RomeHANNIBAL GOES TO ROME is likewise off to a good start, in a completely different mold: that of the historically accurate comedy – surely a niche market if ever there was one. Writer Brendan McGinley takes the very real Punic Wars and Hannibal’s crossing of the Alps and gives the details a humorous twist. Some of his jokes are tried and true (as when the young Hannibal’s father asks him who he hates and he replies “Rome. But soon I’ll be a teenager and I’ll hate everyone.”), others are subtle and original – I chuckled several times a page on both scores. Artist Mauro Vargas works in fine detail with comic exaggeration, not an easy trick to pull off. I’m also interested in seeing where this goes. Rating: ★★★☆☆

ZudaTalekynUnfortunately, as much as I’d like to offer up a paragraph on every current entry in the Zuda competition, deadline is looming and I need to get this off to our hard-working moderator. Definitely check these two series out!

May 2008 Zuda Comic Competition

Reviews by Anthony R. Cardno

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Zuda May Competition Reviews by Larry Cruz

Posted on May 23rd, 2008 by Moderator in El Santo, three stars, two stars

Zuda Oh, Zuda, you poor misunderstood subsidiary of DC Comics, you. It seems like since Day One, you were on the receiving end of online haterade. But since the debut, I’ve sort of warmed up to you. I’m starting to like how the artwork seems far more polished and crisp in Flash. I like to expand the pages full-screen on my laptop, reveling in the glowing light of the full page spread like I’m reading a comic book … from the future! But let’s not pick out window curtains and matching shams just yet, Zuda Comics. I’m still not totally sold on your selection system, where a super-double-dog-secret process determines which creators get a year long contract based on their paltry first eight pages. It’s just so … gimmicky. My keen Shaolin blade will focus on two Zuda aspirants: Action, Ohio, written by Neil Kleid and illustrated by Paul Salvi, and Hannibal Goes To Rome, written by Brendan McGinley and illustrated by Mauro Vargas.


Zuda Comic Review by The Doctor

Posted on May 23rd, 2008 by The Doctor in The Doctor, comics, one star, two stars

Jay Slay, the Doctor It’s hard to be called upon to review webcomics; at least it’s hard for me. I’m an artist of words, not pen and paper. My thinking tends to be linear and straightforward, with simple likes and dislikes. Despite this, I’ll keep chugging along (at least until the people with the pitchforks and torches come back, anyway), giving you my slightly off the center reviews on the comics we’re called upon to fence with. Just remember what I’ve said, ok? After all, pitchfork marks are hard to get out of walls, and torches cost money!

ZudaFor my comics, I chose 4: Action Ohio, Hannibal goes to Rome, The Mean Model, and Children of Bighand. It was strange, too, because two of them were ok and two of them made me cringe. Ahh, which ones are which? Therein lies the tale.


Zuda Comics Review by Delos Woodruff

Posted on May 23rd, 2008 by Moderator in Delos, four stars, three stars, two stars

Delos I thought that the readers of ComicFencing might want a quick rundown on all the comics in this month’s competition. Given the few pages we have to look at, all I have to offer you are my initial thoughts. These are my impressions and if any of these comics sound like something you want to see then you want to get to Zuda and vote for your favorite. Time is running out.